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  • DIN certified, computer controlled dosing system with calibration function for exact and uninterrupted dosing of powdery and liquid water soluble additives in drinking systems.
  • For this purpose, the AquaDoc can be equipped with up to two (2) dosing pumps for liquid, water-soluble - and if wanted, a dosing console for powdery, water-soluble - additives.
  • On this dosing console, up to two (2) easily removable and cleanable dosing containers with 8 liters capacity - which are also equipped with a special stirrer in order to reliably dispense even dripping powdery additives, can be attached.
  • Thereto optional:
    - from up to two dosing containers powdery or,
    - from up to two dosing pumps liquid additives can be dosed.
    Likewise, combinations of both dosing devices are selectable:
    - one (1) dosing pump plus dosage from two (2) dosing containers with powdered additive,
    - two (2) dosing pumps plus dosing from one (1) dosing container with powdered additive.
  • Based on the basic unit with one (1) dosing pump, the AquaDoc is available in all configurations - customer oriented.
  • Corresponds to the current state of technology and meets all requirements according to German “Tierhalter- Arzneimittelanwendungs-und Nachweisverordnung” - what might become European law soon also. More ...


  • The Aquadoc automatically establish a premix of drinking water and medicines in small amounts. The device records the water consumption and the drug consumption. The farmer as well as the Veterinary can read these values for a week, and thus control the course of therapy
  • During operation of the dose system, a continuous electro-mechanical measurement of the delivered amount of water into a mixing vat takes place. This measurement data are used by the computer to calculate and dose the proportional amount of the additive to the water. The calculated dose additive is then added to the water in the mixing vat.
    Across a water applicator eg. a Dosatron® (DIA) this solution is then added to the drinking water.)*
  • Since the drugs are by the "Just-in-Time" mixing in the container only a very short time in contact with water, the in some drugs (eg, amoxicillin) accruing effect loss is greatly reduced. Also the formation of undesired changes that can cause clogging of the drinker valves, or promote the formation of a "Bio-layer", is considerably reduced.


  • The farmer only has to calibrate)² the drugs used and to enter the desired dosage - in grams per liter of drinking water for the animals - into the computer.


  • Working range / Water flow through:
    Min 15 l/h    Max 2500 l/h
    Pressure water intake:
     2,0 – 5,0 bar
    Pre-mix tank usable volume:
    approximately 25 Liter
    Dose range:
    0,05%o - 5%o | g/l Drink-water
    Dosing volume per filling:
    Container 4,9 l ca. 4700 ml
    Container 8,2 l ca. 8000 ml
    Particle size range:
    Ø min.100 ym - max. 1,5 mm
    Water soluble
    Machine guidelines - 2006/42/EG | DIN EN ISO 4254-1 DIN ISO 12100-2
    Power supply:

Stationary or mobile!

Stationary Configuration

Compared to the stationary version the mobile one can be transported easily between different locations.This allows the device,to be used more flexibly, particularly in larger installations.

  • The AquaDoc should basically only be deployed or installed in dry dust-free compartments or barn vestibules. Should this - due to infrastructural conditions not be feasible - the dry doser has necessarily provided with a splash guard as well as an extra protection (outside buildings) from the weather. Furthermore the additive motor console - including the container - has to be protected against the ingress of moisture, foreign matter (e.g. dust) and heat. In addition - if the AquaDoc was installed e.g. directly into a compartment / barn and this is cleaned or the device is not used - the additive doser including the motor bracket is to be dismantle and to be stored in a dry place until the next time use. The operation of the AquaDoc in an occupied compartment / barn however, is possible without problems.

Extensions & Additional Articles

  • System design - as scope of delivery -  but whit plugs and sockets  for the stationary use ,
  • Dosing console,
  • Dosing motor,
  • Dose container 4,9 |with agitator,
  • Dose container 8,2 l with agitator,
  • Doser pump.

)* not included in shipment
The calibration-
process is very simple and is supported by the computer