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The history of the developmentof our products in a short summary.

1996 - Topflow - Development of a new bracket for insemination sows.

2000 - MediPut - as the first medicator for oral dosing of powdery finished product into dry feeding systems came on the market, Friedrich Lührs realized very quickly that their technique for the exact additive addition in the feed was immature and not particularly reliable.

In his opinion, the basis for an accurate and reliable dosing had to be a safe and inexpensive measurement of the amount of feed in the feed line, and then to determine the measurement results obtained with the exact amount of medication. In addition, a simple and reliable operation of this dosing system - with a program that controls and monitors the dosage - should be given.

The after these considerations, then by him developed new dosing device MediPut met all of these requirements and was awarded in 2005 by the journal Top Agrar as test winner.

This was preceded by a practice test of supervisory and regulatory authority with multiple dosing systems, whose aim was to prove that medicators cannot guarantee a safe medication. To then restrict a medication only to feed with medication admixture.

However, the MediPut (as sole device) fulfilled all criteria in this test process.

Only because of this, farmers are still allowed to carry out a medication over a medicator itself to day.

Also the requirements of the new DIN 10529-1 for oral dosing of powdery finished product in dry feeding systems out of the year 2013 could be meet by the MediPut.

The device is therefore the first DIN certified medicator, which is currently available on the market also.

2005 to present - VoluMeter - design and development of the groundbreaking VoluMeter feeding system - recognized as way more efficient and cost effective working than traditional feeding systems.

2013 - SimpleMat - Novel Feeder - for weaned piglets up to final porker - including active, non-clogging feed dosing system with extensive metering range and large feeding space in a small area.

2015 - AquDoc - Based on the experience from the MediPut use, logically then also a developing of an - according to DIN10529-2 - certified metering system for waterapplication had been carried out
The AquaDoc automatically establish a premix of drinking water and medicines in small amounts.
The farmer has only to calibrate the drugs used and enter the desired dosage for the animals - in grams per liter of drinking water - into the computer .

2017 - MediPut  Big & Big XXL - specially  developed and especially suitable for the processing of larger as well  as coarser amounts of additives.

Currently the Lührs Appliance GmbH works on further developments and innovations in the field of livestock equipment, as well as on measuring and dosing devices for industrial needs, which should come on the market next

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