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MediPut Fluid - Databank

Recording of calculated -  additives and feed amounts  -

Display of data storage

Daily feed figures: today=0/yesterday=1/two days ago=2/ etc


Daily medicine figures: today=0/yesterday=1/two days ago=2/ etc…


Sum.Fu.= Stored sum of the amount of feed dispensed

Sum.D1= Stored sum of the amount of medicine dispensed

The last  eight (8) days data, stored in this databank helps you to >


  • About the ingested feed amount, the proportionof the additive, and the feeding behavior of the animals it can be assessed whether the additivea dministration has successfully worked.


  • The dosage may be adjusted if necessary - additives or drugs* be used more efficiently.

Selective dose

  • Due to our technique you and the veterinarian always have the best certainty to administer additives and even medicines responsibly.

The interference of animal drugs is subject to lawful regulations. Please turn to your veterinarian for further informations and always be certain to observe the regulations binding in your country.