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  • Computer and time controlled - in dosing and metering safety tested - dose system with calibration function for reliable dosing of liquid additives in dry feeding installations.
  • Due to into the computer inserted data - like feed flow trough amount of  the feeding installation and wanted dosing - the to doses additive will be calculated and by the product pumps of the MediPut delivered  across a hose line to the destination point - e. g. a pellet feeding line.
  • Equipped with one product pump HP or VP,
  • The within the basic device integrated computer may be control also - two (2) auxiliary pumps so that up to three (3) feed in positions and/or feeding installations can be supplied separately with different dosing quantity. The use of a third pump, however, is bound on a separate software update.


Two different pump types with the following properties are available:

Hose Pump (HP)

Rotary Vane Pump (VP)

Hose Pump (HP)
  • Low cost
  • Safe and simple technique
  • Relatively insensitive to foreign bodies
  • Conditionally acid-resistant (suitable for many food acids)
Rotary Vane Pump (VP)
  • High dosing accuracy
  • High pressure build-up (up to5 bar)
  • Significantly more acid proof compared to the hose pump

Both configurations correspond of course to the prior art, are safe and match the given recognized safety-related rules.

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