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MediPut Big | MediPut Big XXL


Both  devices are computer-controlled dosing systems without quantity  measurement with calibration function for reliable, also  time-controlled, dosing of larger and / or also coarser amounts of dry  additives such as limestone, grit and the like - in dry feeding  systems. In the case of a few fluctuations in the feed line but correct  calibration, the devices have only small deviations - within the  tolerance range - and are very reliable in dosing accuracy and dosing  reliability. The dosage is suspended when the silo is empty or during  bridging. Two versions of the MediPut Big are available. Version 1 is  mounted behind or, if necessary, in front of the feed feed tube. Version 2 is mounted above the chuck feed tube. An additional weather protection can also be fitted to all units.


  • Container capacity: up to 100 kg,
  • Dose range:
    MediPut Big ca. 0,05 – 5%,
    MediPut Big XXL ca. 0,05 – 20%,
  • Can be combined with up to 2 MediPut dispensers for smaller quantities of dry or liquid additives,
    Attaches to:
    Pipe  diameter up to 120 mm and pitch up to 35° possible,
  • Existing quantity  measurement - for even more accurate dosage - usable, but can also be  retrofitted at any time. 
  • Data bank with record of the used additive and feed quantity of the last 8 days.
  • Supply voltage:
  • 230V / 50 | 60Hz | MediPut Big XXL additionally also 400V / 50 | 60Hz


The assembly of the MediPut should preferably carried out in the dry and protected feed-passage or vestibule of the feeding installation. Outdoor  installation - fo example even under a roof is not recommended - unless  the MediPut mechanic will be completely protected from rain, splashing  water and dust. Should however an attachment only be possible in the  stable or compartment, we recommend to remove the dosing console,  including container after use - but necessarily before cleaning the  location. However, the operation of a MediPut in an occupied stall or  compartment is allways possible.

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