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MediPut Mixer

MediPut Mixer

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MediPut Mixer

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For reliable dosing  of dry  additives into fluid feedings.

The computer-controlled doser MediPut Mixer - without volume measurement - is a system that is specifically designed for dosing of dry additives in liquid feedings/chargen mixer.

MediPut Mixer Description

Special Features:

  • Simply to use technology,
  • Controllable, safe and reliable dosage,
  • Easy installation, directly on the mixing barrel,
  • Large dose range of 0,1 to 10,0 kg additives per t feed,
  • Easy installation - even to already existing installations,
  • Dose container up to 16 liters, (2 x 8 liters per dose console),
  • Dosage of heavy flowing additives due to a particular stirring device,.

Alternatively up to two dispenser may be installed and controlled by the computer.

Montage: Directly on the mixing barrel.

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MediPut Mixer