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MediPut Mixer


  • Computer-controlled dosing system with calibration function for precise dosing of dry additives in fluid feeding systems.
  • Equipped with easy to clean and removable reservoirs - which can also be equipped with special agitator for difficult flowing additives.
  • Expandable to up to 2 blenders for dry  additive.
  • To calculate the amount of food present in themixing barrel, the MediPut requires a temporally pulsed signal from the feeding computer. Based on this signal, the mixer reliably metered the amounts of additive that has been set.

Extensions & Additional Articles

  • System design - as scope of delivery -  but whit plugs and sockets  for a flexible use ,
  • Dose container 4,9 l whit agitator,
  • Dose container 8,2 l whit agitator,
  • Dose console,