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MediPut MM - Functional principle

MediPut Computer

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Amount Measurement

MediPut with amount measurement

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The MediPut was calibrated and the desired dosage of the additive in kg/t feed entered into the computer and then started.

After starting, a continuously measurement of the feed flow rate in the MediPut mechanic is then carried out electro mechanically.

The computer calculates from these measurements now steadily the proportional amount of the additive to the feed and controlls synchronously also the doser - what in turn, mixes the additive into the feed.

In case of fluctuations in the degree of filling of the feed line or the speed of the system - the  the dosage is also adjusted automatically. With an empty silo, dose container or bridging - the dosage of any MediPut is exposed and an alarm is generated.

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MediPut with amount measurement

MediPut Mechanic