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MediPut - without quantity measurement (OM)


  • Computer-controlled dosing system with calibration function for precise dosing of dry additives in feeding systems.
  • Equipped with easy to clean and removable reservoirs and special agitator for difficult flowing additives.
  • Expandable to up to 3 doser for dry or liquid additive or a combination of liquid and dry doser.
  • With this device, the flow rate of the used feed line is calculated by the computer due to entering an constant and a pregiven computational model. Based on the results the device dispenses then the desired amount of additive that is entered in the computer.

The assembly of the MediPut should preferably carried out in the dry and protected feed-passage or vestibule of the feeding installation. Outdoor installation - fo example even under a roof is not recommended - unless the MediPut mechanic will be completely protected from rain, splashing water and dust. Should however an attachment only be possible in the stable or compartment, we recommend to remove the dosing console, including container after use - but necessarily before cleaning the location. However, the operation of a MediPut in an occupied stall or compartment is allways possible.

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