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  • System for blending and the demand dosage of feed in tube feeding installations, at which the mechanic is installed directly below the silos.
  • Doses and blends - independently from fluctuations in the feed pipe or the flow speed of the system - always precisely the quantity that the computer program will pretend.
  • The data obtained during this prtocess are also used by the computer to calculate the dose and determination of the silo filling levels and for documentation.
  • Switches to a substitute silo at an empty silo - if keyed accordingly in advance - or abandoned the feeding with an alert indication.
  • Specific setting of the feeding by defined feed curves, but a switch to other feed curve as well as a manual adjustment of the blend or the dosage is however possible at any time also.
  • Individual and infra structurally at any time flexibly adaptable and expandable.

Extensions & Additional Articles

Further features of our VoluMeter development

The VoluMeter dosing unit takes out the amount calculated by the computer from the silo.
Since the calculated quantity is extracted from several silos at the same  time and continuously, the plant produces a ready-to-use, daily adjusted mixture.
The system doses with comparable accuracy and safety of a scale, but is far superior in its simplicity.
The measuring wheel measures the volume flow of the feed and registers like a scale disturbances if the feed from the silo slows down or  does not run at all.
The computer tries to compensate for this or gives an empty message with appropriate consequences.(Substitute feed curve or alert).

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