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Software and Handling

Content and functions of the mask

Overview of the scope and possibilities of the volu meter software program

Volu-Meter Startbildschirm

01. Status bar [File | Admin | Statistics | Option| View | Extras | Help]

02. Window appliance [Name | Silos | Cabins | MediPut | Start times]

03. Window Status messages Indication of actual program sequenz

04. Window Documentation and Status

05. Window Work List

06. Switch Continue/Pause | Delete

07. Manual operation selction Cabins with Start switch

08. Window Alart messages 

09. Status indication Process | Unit ON/OFF- Line

Remote maintenance Volu-Meter Computer Software

Should you need for once our service in dealing with the volu meter program or even computer on site, we offer the help of a technician over our remote maintenance / remote control in advance. But please contact us before by telephone to allow a technician to be ready who can instruct and assist you accordingly then.

That therefore required program - if not present on your computer yet - may be downloaded here.

Volu-Meter Desing / Set up & Operation

If you want to familiarize yourself in advance with the volu meter system or verify as users also later something - we subsequently have a Power Point Presentation (Tutorial) available, that illustrates the functions, setup and operation of the volu meter program.

Sorry - only available in German at this time.